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The Lake Travis community has raised the bar in all sports through effective systems and programming! Speed is necessary to perform at a high level in all sports and preparation is the key. The saying, “you can’t teach speed” has been disproven for years. Still, many coaches believe that agility and coordination can’t be taught. The truth: Change of direction, the essence of lateral movement, can be taught based on a few simple principles (as does linear speed). An explosive vertical jump is also important to nearly all athletes regardless of their sport of choice. Vertical jump can be improved by developing strength and power without weights.
Technique and progression are the source of improvement and will be the focus of our training. Finally, there has got to be fun incorporated into the curriculum, so, we will play some games!
LT Speed Training is developed by Eric Wimbush, former Director of Sports Marketing for RunTex. Eric has been coaching kids in Lake Travis for 13 years and has a passion for developing kids into great athletes. The greatest athletes perform at a higher level than most because they love the sport, work harder in practice and in the off-season to improve their skills and are humble individuals confident in their ability.


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